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Warrants and Deposit Certificates

Warrants y Certificados de DepósitoThe Deposit Certificate is a security issued by a Deposit General Warehouse (AGD), proving the ownership of goods.

The Warrant represents the security interest (pledge) constituted on the goods deposited. The endorsement of this title facilitates obtaining work capital credits, being an easy guarantee to constitute ensuring the obligations assumed by the depositors.

We are empowered to issue Warrants and Deposit Certificates under the Customs Deposits and Temporal Admission regimes, and to issue Warrants in third parties facilities to constitute Field Warehouses.

The Warrants issued by us are accepted by entities of the national financial system and by the overseas funders. Likewise, they constitute the financial instrument with highest flexibility for obtaining work capital, since they easily constitute security interest.

TThe endorsement of the Warrant and Deposit Certificates facilitates the transference of goods without the need of their mobilization, saving operative costs, due to:

  • The Warrants and Deposit Certificates issued by us facilitate obtaining goods on consignment from national and/or foreign vendors.
  • The Customs Warrants allows financing, even without paying the nationalization rights.
  • The Warrants are considered by law as a guarantee of choice.
  • The Warrants provides legal security toward third parties.
  • The merchandise protected by the Warrants and Deposit Certificates issued by us is insured against all risks.