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1. Is it compulsory to insure merchandise? What is included in Depsa´s insurance policy?
Yes, it is compulsory to insure merchandise; this is upheld by the securities act and by Customs law. Depsa´s insurance policy is an all risk fire insurance that covers a very wide variety of damages.
2. Can the warrant be issued by a foreign firm without a branch in Peru?
The current legislations specify that the insurance policy must be issued by an insurance company authorized to operate in the country.
3. DEPSA offers its warehouses to be used as distribution centers, what are the procedures and benefits of using this service?
We perform the classification of cargo, such as picking and packing according to the client’s request. Also when the merchandise is loaded onto the transport vehicle it will be loaded in the order of the delivery making the whole process more efficient.
4. What is the minimum amount needed for the issuance of a warrant?
The securities act states that you cannot issue a warrant for goods whose value is less than 5 ITUs (the ITU effects the date of issuance of the title).
5. How are warrants renewed?

There must be an agreement beforehand between the client and the financier, then the client will send a letter to Depsa to request the process after that our company will verify the condition of the goods then proceed to issue a removal order which must be signed by the client, the financier and Depsa. At the end of this process a new warrant will be issued, in the event that there is a storage debts owed to Depsa, this should be paid before the renewal of the warrant.

6. Why are additional terms attached to the intermediate goods warrant (IGW)?
The terms of the IGW permit the merchandise´s value that is covered by this security to be re-evaluated once it has become a finished product.
7. Is it possible to ask for more credit when the merchandise covered by an IGW has reached the final stage of its production?
Yes, it is possible because the financier has a greater guarantee of security, this can be performed with the original warrant, which already significantly simplifies the procedure. The deal should be agreed upon from the beginning, the original warrant will have an attachment of terms that must be signed by the client and Depsa, allowing the client to increase his credit when the final product is accomplished.
8. What experience does Depsa have with the Intermediate Goods Warrant?
Depsa has an extensive experience in this field. We have worked with the metalworking, textile, mining, chemical, metallurgy industry and more. Depsa examines each case to find the best solution.
9. When should the warrant be endorsed for shipment?
It is always convenient for the financier to endorse a warrant for shipment as warrants are the preferred security, it is also convenient for the client because it simplifies the process of the release of goods and even in some cases its cancels the need to pay credit prior to the shipment of the merchandise.
10. Why is it important to subcontract the filing of your documents?
Because it saves costly storage spaces, it also keeps your files in a precise order that allows you to locate documents rapidly. ‘Files’ offers safe, confidential and professional managing of your documents.